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Shelly Tripp featured in Realtor Magazine

Kids Fest

Shelly Tripp has been the founder and chairman for “Kids Fest” for seven years.The money raised has built shelters for abused children at The Christmas Box House.

The Christmas Box House

Mission Statement

The Christmas Box International, in partnership with local, national, and international communities and groups, provides assistance to prevent child abuse and services to improve the quality of life for children who have been abused or neglected.

Areas of Focus The Christmas Box International has selected the following primary areas of focus for accomplishing our mission:

  • Collaborate in the development of state-of-the-art temporary shelter and assessment centers for children that are abused, neglected, abandoned and exploited.
  • Assist older youth as they transition out of foster care into adult living.
  • Advocate for the provision of the highest quality of care and services to children at risk.
  • Promote partnerships among government agencies, charitable organizations, the business community and compassionate members of the community to provide optimal care and support to the children.
  • Develop international partners to assist children worldwide.

Africa is Life Changing

Another organization Shelly Tipp is involved with is “Africa is life changing”.
Africa Is Life Changing Inc. is a humanitarian organization dedicated to nurturing the lives of women and children in Kenya. The AIDS pandemic ravages Kenya daily, leaving children orphaned, unprotected, and struggling to survive. These children lack the critical necessities—such as clean water, food, and shelter— that most of us take for granted. We understand that we can’t do everything, but we can all do something. Through two annual expeditions staffed by 25 volunteers, AILC works to relieve the suffering and instability of Kenya’s needy girls and boys. Our volunteers tutor in math and reading, assist the medical screening process, play games with children, hold and comfort infants, and encourage hope in young hearts.
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Southern Cross Humanitarian

Another organization Shelly Tripp is involved in is called“Southern Cross Humanitarian.”

Southern Cross Humanitarian’s Our Mission:
“We build an environment of security, love, and hope among homeless children to prepare them for launch into society. This is done by creating a self-sustaining model home to provide for physiological (food, medical), safety (shelter, clothes), belonging (positive, spiritual environment), and esteem (education and trade skills) needs.” – Maslow

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